Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fabulous 40s

It's almost here. I am 39 years and 364.5 days old. So long 30s and hello 40s. Has it been 10 years already since I turned 30? Where did the time go? I had a mostly great time in my 30s - went to Hawaii twice, learned how to water ski, tried to learn how to SCUBA, took up rock climbing, started running, got fit, had cancer, got fitter, went to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, took a cruise to Key West and Mexico, went to Maine, found a career, witnessed Mike and Dad's college graduations, saw my little brother and my cousin both get married, went to Jamaica, and learned to embrace life. I packed quite a bit in this past decade - and I hope to pack in even more over the next decade.

Here's to my next FABULOUS decade.


That Blair Guy said...

Seeing as how it's now a day later -- Happy Birthday!

Despite all the bad press it gets, my experience was that turning 40 is no big deal. Welcome to the next phase!

victory4angela said...

I'm just glad to be here. As my friend, JB said in her birthday card to me, I can classify myself as an old broad now!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

You have a wonderful life to enjoy.......go out and live each day the best you can!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Angela! 40 is just a number. As Blair said, it's no big deal... it's quite fabulous. Look me up on your next visit to NIH.

best to you and Mike

Greg (and Camille and co.)