Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother Earth Doesn't Like Me

You think that after all I did for Mother Earth, she'd treat me a little better. I mean I picked up trash twice, I drag my empty coke cans home from work to recycle, and I don't litter. Mother Earth gave me poison ivy. I broke out on my neck on Tuesday (two weeks after the last clean-up, mind you) and now it's on both sides of my neck, my left arm, and on my face. We cleaned up on a hot day and I must have touched my hand to my neck to push the hair off it because the marks look like a hand print. I don't know where exactly I picked it up because I don't remember seeing the stuff. Luckily my hair is just long enough now to cover up the big, red, welty-splotches of poison ivy but the hair makes me itch! Every night I load up on the pink calamine lotion and every morning (and all day at work) I put on the clear stuff. I just hope I don't spread it, but this morning I noticed I've got some splotches on my right arm. They don't itch...yet.

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