Monday, December 15, 2008

CSCI = Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch

Mike's layoff has certainly put a damper on our Christmas this year. We've had to realign our priorities and plan to save now in case this turns into a long haul. We're leaving for Texas tomorrow. Originally, Mike didn't have enough vacation to go early and I was going to leave tomorrow to help take care of his mom while she recovers from knee surgery. He was going to join me on Friday. Thanks to Southwest, we were able to change flights with no charge so he moved his flight to tomorrow and I moved mine to earlier tomorrow morning so we could be on the same flight - that's not so bad.

The whole layoff thing leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I'm thankful he wasn't there on Thursday because the way CSCI handled it was tacky, tasteless, and lacked class. After the big meeting with everyone, the select few were asked to meet in a conference room without knowing that the axe was about to befall them. The corporate lawyer read from a piece of paper that their services were no longer required. Thank you very much. Pack up your stuff. Turn in your badge and we'll escort you to the door. The others weren't supposed to talk to them (but they did when Mike went in on Friday to sign the paperwork and pack up his stuff). Everyone received no severance, no matter how many years of service. Also, they won't receive their vacation payouts until the February paycheck. Let me get this straight: these people have been laid off right before the holidays, they have holiday plans, and maybe kids who wanted Ants in my Pants Elmo. So, now they have no job, no severance, and they won't even get the vacation money owed to them until TWO MONTHS from now. Let me tell them straight: CSCI YOU SUCK. Ms. CEO YOU SUCK too.

I'm so glad we're going to Texas to get out of here for a while. Of course, I've got to pour over my benefits information tomorrow after we land in Austin so I can decide what health benefits are available to me because Mike's insurance ends Dec. 31. Of course, my company's benefits website is down until the end of the month so I'm going to have to call my benefits people ASAP to select my health care plan over the phone before I don't have health insurance. Also, my cancer history could put a monkey wrench in things with that pesky "pre-existing condidtion". This is not what I wanted for Christmas.

I know we're in this bad situation and I truly feel awful for his other co-workers who may be in worse shape than us. My heart goes out to everyone else who was laid off, or for that matter anyone else going through tough times. Peace be with you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Kimberly Strong. We have a group of CSCIers who were laid off and we're job hunting together. send me your info or call me and I'll get you in the loop!

FirePhrase said...

Have you checked with your state department of labor about the vacation pay? In Texas, if they owe you the money, they have to pay it immediately. Our office of labor has an unpaid wages form that you fill out to file a complaint. Possibly not any faster than if you waited for the company to cough up, but they might be able to help.

Anonymous said...

A bunch of Mikes and your old friends from ACS are with Lockheed Martin these days. It may not hurt to give them a call. I do not know what openings that they have, but Kip is there and so is Kathy Thomas.....just a thought.

I hope that your trip to Texas is a good one and just know that all things happen for a reason....even if we do not yet understand why!

You both are in my prayers.



victory4angela said...

Kim - thanks. Mike's been in touch with a few others from CSCI. How can Mike get in touch with you? James, Justin, and Gabe have his email address if you want to contact him.