Friday, March 21, 2008

Gotta cut foot loose!

I've gained three pounds more than I did before Priscilla and my pants are getting a little snug. Not only am I training for my 5K walk on April 6th, but now my goal is to lose those three pesky pounds by the end of the month so I can wear my darn clothes. I've been either walking or interval training (walk/run combo) nearly every day for the past three weeks, except when I had a cold. I was making progress until I had dinner with Keith and Mike last night at Maggiano's! It's all you can eat family style - bring on the creme brulee.

In addition to all this walking, I've been doing my water aerobics for the past few weeks too. I went this past Tuesday, forgetting we had a sub for the last week of class until the next session. You know subs, they're not as good as the normal teacher. Anyway, she must be in her early 20s and she brought her boom box with her Footloose CD. It was all good in the beginning because I loved that movie - brought back some memories of my youth. Then I started thinking about where I was swimming - the aquatic center attached to my junior high (now a middle school - I am old). I started having flashbacks to junior high when we were forced to take swimming as part of gym. There's nothing more traumatic than having evil junior high kids see you in your swimsuit. I was a tall, gangly, shy girl with "great" 80s hair and big glasses. Good times.

The swim class went well, but I had forgotten the other songs on the Footloose album. Who knew "Bang your Head" was on that album? Mike didn't and he used to be a total head banger! It was quite the trip down memory lane.


WashingtonGardener said...

I have that album in VINYL! Will have to pull it out now.

victory4angela said...

Do you still have a record player? I think I have that album in vinyl too - somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I have a record player (buried somewhere in my basement closet).


FirePhrase said...

The only vinyl I have left is my copy of U2's War. How's that for 80s street cred? Unfortunately, it's so worn out from obsessive teenage angst that it won't play any more.

Here's to AWESOME 80s hair and those who wore it well. Stand proud, my sister!


Anonymous said...

I have an entire apple crate full of vinyl LPs, and a few dozen 45s as well. I do have a turntable, just not a very good one.

One day I'll get around to researching the turntables that plug into the computer, but right now I suddenly feel old...