Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Personal Valentine

Tomorrow's the BIG day and I don't mean Valentine's Day. I have my big "test" tomorrow that Mike keeps saying he hopes I've been studying for: my 6 month CT scan. Thankfully I have been overworked and overloaded with a proposal at work that I have not had once second to worry about tomorrow. I'm actually sitting here waiting for an answer via email to a question and then I will be all done. My proposal is due Friday and I won't be working tomorrow so I'm trying to get everything done tonight. I'm also chuggging a big bottle of water so I am not dehydrated when they try to put the IV in. I shuddder to think about THAT piece of fun awaiting me tomorrow.

My CT is scheduled for 10am, but I need to be there by about 8:30 so I can have bloodwork done first. Then I check in at 9am so I can get start drinking my barium cocktail. I hope I run into my friend Steven because I know tomorrow's his checkup too, but I don't know what time he's scheduled to be there. I bet it is early because he comes from near Cleveland.

Mike has something planned for tomorrow night, but he hasn't told me what. I will have to ask what to wear: dressy or casual. My greatest hope is that we are not just celebrating Valentine's Day, but a succesful day at NIH with NO bad news. I've been feeling great, except for stress and being tired from working way too hard this past month so I'm taking that as a good sign. A good test result will be the best possible gift I could receive EVER.

I've heard from a few people that they went to Pantene's site and registered their wishes. Two friends actually chopped off their hair and donated it. You guys are AWESOME. My hair is really coming in thick and curly. I couldn't tell for a while how curly, but it's pretty curly right now. I like it! I like the short hair because it is so easy to take care of in the morning - just put a little gel in and go.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone. You can all be my special valentines.


Gila said...

Thinking of you! Please check back in with your results as soon as you have them.

Oh--and have fun tonight!

Blair said...

As I told Mike yesterday, I'm expecting to hear that there are still no signs of activity from Priscilla. Good luck!

And like Gila said, have fun tonight! (I'd completely forgotten about this being Valentine's Day -- good thing I'm not seeing anyone at the moment!)