Monday, January 21, 2008

Mike's on his way

The poker party was a success. Mike's goal was to raise $100 from tips, and he easily met his goal with $125. However, a wonderful thing happened at the end of the night: all of the players agreed to donate their money to TNT. In the end, Mike came away with nearly $400 for his triathlon, including a check from Suzanne's mom. TNT sent him a letter earlier this month stating that if he raised $500 by 1/30, he would earn a water bottle. I joked with him that he met that goal and he has now earned a $500 water bottle.

I got an email from my mom's cousin today, asking how I was doing and about my trip to Texas, which I didn't finish writing about. Mike and I drove to to San Antonio with his brother, Brian, and his girlfriend, Yolandi. I've been to the River Walk numerous times so I planned to meet up with Gina and go visit Uncle Robert, Aunt Kathy, Grandma, and my other cousin Heston and his family. They dropped me off at Aunt Kathy's store where she works (she sells fabulously expensive furniture - $25,000 for a TABLE) and Gina picked me up. We went to see Grandma. Grandma is 92 and has Alzheimer's. I prepared myself for her not to recognize me, especially with my short hair. I'm glad I did because she didn't recognize me at first, but I think she might have known who I was by the time we left. She kept asking who I was so I said, "I'm Janice's daughter." At first she didn't quit know who Janice was, but then she seemed to know my mom's name. She looked wonderful and she uses a walker, but she's in very good shape for her age. She played songs for us on her piano, with her fingers hitting the keys almost the moment Gina or I suggested a title. Some things people just don't forget.

After we visited with Grandma, Gina and I met up with Aunt Kathy, Mike, Brian, and Yolandi at a very good restaurant on the river walk. My cousin Heston and his family were supposed to come too, but he had some sort of illness and couldn't make it. We had dinner at the same restaurant when we were in San Antonio two years ago and we love it for the fresh guacamole made table side and delicious Mexican cuisine. Mike used to hate guacamole until we tried it at Bodrous, and now he loves the stuff. There's something to be said about fresh guacamole!


Gila said...

Check checking in to say "hi"!

Congrats on the strong kick-off! I will be donating; just need to (ahem) wait a month or two. :)


WashingtonGardener said...

What a great gift for her to remember her music and songs!