Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend Getaway

Yesterday Angela was feeling a little light headed in the morning and in an effort to feel her best for Relay for Life we decided to head down to NIH to get some hydration. That "quick" trip turned into a 2 day (and counting) hospital stay. Ironically, Melissa suggested we take an overnight bag, just in case. That suggestion ended up being really helpful and we missed Relay anyway.

Prior to us leaving for NIH, Jeff and Melissa offered to come over and plant some flowers in our neglected garden. I thought Angela would love the ability to just look out the window and see fresh, pretty flowers in the yard. Unfortunately, we were unable to be there to see the finished product, but no worries because they took pictures for us to see. It looks awesome. THANKS GUYS!

Sunday -
Today was a yucky, dreary and rainy day....pretty much summed up how Angela felt most of the day. Angela suggested that I get out and have some fun today. So what is one supposed to do on a day like today? My ultimate answer...take the boat out for the FIRST run of the year. I called my buddy (fellow boater) and we spent 2 hours flying up and down the Potomac river. Not the optimal conditions, but fun none the less. Enough about me. I digress.

Back to Angela. Her Mom came by and spent a couple of hours with her. She did what she does best, chic-chatted. However, she did do some mom stuff as well as some nurse stuff, so that was nice.

As for a hospital release date, it is still unknown at this point. I am pretty sure that Angela will be here at NIH most of the week.


yvonne & chris said...

Hi Mike and Angela,

I hope the weekend stay is short, and you are home to enjoy the flowers in your garden. You both are in our thoughts. Mike if you need a boating friend please call Chris. He has time now since the studying is over. If Riley needs a playmate, Maggie would love to burn some energy.
You both take care, and God Bless.

Yvonne and Chris

Tracey G said...

Hi Mike and Angela!

You are always in my thoughts. Now that I have finished school, feel free to call if you need anything or just want to talk.
Take care!

Tracey G

WashingtonGardener said...

Can you share the flower pics? Next time I'm over you can put me to work weeding, transplanting, or whatever.

My schedule is crazy this week but if I'm over NIH/Betheda/G-burg way I'll give you a call to stop by for a visit. Hope you are out soon and back at your cozy home.