Sunday, June 10, 2007

Veggie Tales

We celebrated Sophie's birthday with her and Frank at their barbecue. I enjoyed grilled vegetables and chicken, my first actual food and not a supplement, since before the hospital. Yesterday, my stomach was still a little queasy, so I had taken it easy and eaten very lightly. Today, was a different story and I savored every bite of grilled squash, eggplant, onion, and zucchini. I wish I could have eaten the raw vegetable kabobs, but I still can't eat raw veggies or fruits. Mike also enjoyed torturing me with his mozzarella caprese: tomato, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. That is something I think I will enjoy as soon as the doctors give me the green light. I just need to choose the restaurant!

I can feel my energy level increasing and hope tomorrow will be a really good day. I spent today cleaning up our room and emptying out our bags from the hospital. We're in the hospital so often that we end up leaving things around the house. When we returned from the hospital this time, I was surprised that we had left the house in such disarray. I've also got some laundry to do tomorrow, while I have the energy. I also need to head to NIH for my twice-weekly phlebotomy visit. A friend suggested that I could end up in the hospital, so maybe I need to get my blood drawn and RUN so they don't keep me this time!

Two more days until Gina arrives-WOO HOO! or as they say in Texas-YEE HAW!


Anonymous said...

hey there! the last thing on your mind should be the status of your house. as long as the roof is over you're head and you have a 3x6 soft area to sleep in with a good view of the tube, the rest can go to crap!! seriously!

but maybe we can feng-shei you back to health. a clean and healing environment could be what you need.

kate and i are cleaning pros, we just cleaned 6 hours two sundays ago to get the house ready to go for the market and then about an hour every night to make sure the place is spotless. lotsa work but no where close to your level of seriousness. so if you would like to enlist the help of two expert cleaners and one semi-prof designer, i'll be happy to help. just be prepared to have a ton of clutter thrown out (you know, direct mail stuff, catalogues, bills, small animals, and anything with beads and/or burnt sienna... i hate that color!)

tell pricilla to f off cause it's summer and time to be on the boat enjoy'n beverages. she keeps prank calling us btw... really annoying. i'd check your long distance bills too, something's going on over there that sneaky little so-&-so.


Blair said...

>> A friend suggested that I could end up in the hospital, so maybe I need to get my blood drawn and RUN so they don't keep me this time!

Heck, at this point I think you should just send them a photo of some blood and they can do their drawing from that.

Sure, it's nice of you to model for them, but do they really need to have you present for all of the art classes?