Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Two More to Go

I finished round four today and Michael took me to NIH so Mike could stay at work. My stomach has already started rebelling against me and I woke up several times with nausea in the middle of the night. I normally take Zofran to help with the nausea, but I also have Compazine for the break-through nausea. Tonight I may have to break out the Ativan for the nausea because it's supposed to be a little more helpful than both of those drugs. I've been drinking my beverages today in an attempt to stay hydrated early (and avoid an overnight visit to the hospital and multiple IVs).

I haven't blogged in a while because of a couple of bad-luck incidents that have brought me down. Last week, I went to lunch with Gina, Michael, and Doug (his business partner) and as Gina and I were leaving the Silver Diner parking lot in Rockville, I backed our 4-month old RAV-4 into a small concrete pole that I never even saw until I hit it. I managed to dent the bumper and pull out the top part of the car to the tune of $1300. Michael talked his mechanic down to $900, but we're going to wait to repair it for now. My mother-in-law arrives on Saturday and we'll need a car for her while she's here. I am so embarrassed about this and feel really horrible about wrecking the car. I'm almost afraid to drive it now because I'm worried I'll hit something else. This really has me feeling down. Mike's been great throughout all of this, but I still feel bad for my expensive mistake.


Anonymous said...

Five ways to explain the dent in the back of your car:

1. Perfect cars are for sissies.
2. It's the newest custom paint effect.
3. Two words – Lindsay Lohan
4. The gravitational force of your coolness caused the back to start to cave it.
5. You got it delivering a load of WHUP ASS!

Julie B. (The Ding Queen)

Blair said...

I like that! And if it wasn't Lindsay Lohan, then blame Paris Hilton. (The paparazzi was more interested in the DUI angle than the fact she was in a hit and run with Angela.)

Thinking over the car thing... My last new car got it's first scratch at the five month mark and that followed almost immediately by two door dings.

And the pickup only lasted a year and a half before a friend dragged the passenger side along one of those concrete Jersey walls.

Becky said...

My new car lasted 7 months until I backed into a yellow pole in my parking garage at work, leaving yellow paint along the corner of my dark blue back bumper! My dad just got it off last weekend, and that was 2 months ago... perfect cars ARE for sissies!

Ron said...

Remember that we (you & I)backed into a "thingie" at the gas station at the GASC. Minor damage there. I did a similar one a the gas pump at my dad's neck of the woods. Busted the tail light to hell. Luckily we had our little BB shooter hit our windows and cap so replacing those parts were a bit easier.

It happens girl!

When in doubt drink a big glass of water/gatorade, etc.!

Blair said...

Ron wrote:
> When in doubt drink a big glass of water/gatorade, etc.!

I think you have the right general idea Ron. But taking liquids by the glassful hasn't worked so far.

Time to go to the next level.

Anonymous said...

How wierd--I remember driving my brand new Honda to your wedding...and someone banged into me and busted the trunk!