Friday, June 15, 2007

Texas Trouble

Gina may never visit me again after her horrible experience on Southwest Airlines the other night. She arrived in Corpus Christi, TX around 10am for her flight. She bounced around from Houston to Dallas Love Field to Arkansas before ever heading up to BWI. Unfortunately, bad weather blew in and her flight circled the airport for an hour before being diverted to Norfolk,

VA to refuel. Her cell phone also died and she was able to borrow a phone from a stranger to relay messages to me and Michael (who were already at the airport). We hung out for hours in the cell phone waiting area and also grabbed something to eat up the street at Royal Farms. I also tried to find out information at the airport about her flight, but I had to stand in line for 30 minutes with the other passengers just to ask my question. Everyone was miserable, but Gina finally arrived on the ground at 10pm - only 3 hours after she was supposed to be here.

Gina has been a whirlwind of activity since she arrived. She made breakfast burritos for Mike, Michael, Doug, and me yesterday morning (all before 6am). She also made a cheesecake for last night's dinner. She had already started last night's dinner on Wednesday so she wouldn't have to worry about cooking it yesterday. Tonight, she's making country-fried streak, vegetable, homemade biscuits, and I don't know what else. She also cleaned my kitchen and vacuumed. I also forgot, she organized my messy pantry. I don't think I'll let her leave!

Mike sold his truck yesterday (thanks to me and Gina dropping of the truck yesterday and getting the appraisal process started). He is very happy he won't have to deal with it anymore and can now move forward and buy his friend's truck. Then he can take his boat out soon. His mom, Gail, and his brother, Brian are coming in two weeks and they want to go out in the boat. I'll definitely be staying home because I usually end up in the hospital that week, or just neutropenic so will be too sick to do that stuff.

I'm at NIH today starting Round 4, and whether she likes it or not, Pricsilla is GOING DOWN! I haven't started chemo yet, but I'm waiting to start. Gina had to get my presnisone prescription from the pharmacy before I started, but now we're waiting for something else and I don't know what that is.

I have a CT scan scheduled for July2 and I'll start round 5 on July 6. After my last round, I'll have a PET scan to see how much of my tumor is gone. After I'm done with all chemo, I'll have CT scans every 3 months for the first year and then every 4 months for the 2nd year.


Ron said...

Yeahhh Gina!!!! Fatten that girl up! It's rare that you can say that to a woman so I'm doing it while I can. Get Fat! Get Fat! Get Fat!!!

Anonymous said...

Aaawwwghhhh. Country-fried steak. mmmmmm. Details! Details! Did it have cream gravy? Were there little crunchy bits? Then the biscuits.

I love food porn.

Julie B.

Anonymous said...

Gina sounds like EXACTLY what you and Mike needed!

Yes, the food porn is nice. We don't have the country fried steak here....


victory4angela said...

Country-fried steak with cream gravy and crunchy bits. She also made homemade biscuits. Super yummy!

Wednesday night she made chili releno casserole, beans, and rice. Mmmmmmmmmm.

WashingtonGardener said...

OK so what is difference between county-fried steak, chicken-fried steak and weinerschnitzel? -- whenever I order any of those 3 seems to be basically the same thing and yummy - especially with some good gravy. Here I am eatting a yogurt and TRYING not to go out to hunt down a nearby Chilis now.