Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday, Monday

The doctors came by this morning and said I'll be here for a few days because I'm officially neutropenic. The positive side is that I'm not running a high fever like last time I was here. I'm glad I'm here so they can keep an eye on me, but I could seriously use a break from running to the bathroom every hour - thanks to my IV. This goes on all night long. I think I managed two hours without a trip last night. It exhausts me so much that I took several naps today.

I requested my favorite nurses - Amy C. and Lori and got both them. Lori happened to be my nurse last night and I asked her to talk to the charge nurse about getting her tonight too. Lori is young and cute and Mike likes to embarrass her. She's also the nurse who managed to get my IV in the other night. Amy C. used to work with my mom so she always takes a little extra care of me, instead of leaving me in my room for hours. She also comes in my room singing songs by the Beatles. She sets my mind at ease.

I've been feel nauseous off and on since I arrived and unfortunately lost my lunch today. I'm staring at dinner and hoping I can keep it down. The hospital food is not that good to begin with, so it's worse when I don't feel well. Amy talked the doctors into giving me a different anti-anxiety medication, and I hope it works. They're also closely monitoring my calorie intake because I'm not down a total of 25 pounds. I get so angry every time I weigh myself, and it's so hard to keep the weight on or gain. I've been given lost of Boost shakes and other shakes by the nutritionist here. Let's hope it works.


Ron said...

Let's just hope your nurse doesn't come in singing "Help"!

Yeah that menu looked pretty good but when it came down to it...the food was still hospital food. Time to call the chef and complain.

Keep it up lady!


Anonymous said...

How do you feel about avocados? I could eat them all day, every day myself. They've got some good vitamins and all those nice healthy fats. It can't be easy finding healthy foods that will help you gain. Might make a good switch up from the old Boost. And watermelon is starting to come into season. That's really just a sneaky way to get more fluids in your system. You don't want Miss Ivy sticking around all the time.

Sweet dreams tonight!

Julie B.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting those calories in.
Please make sure those doctors and nurses wash their hands before touching you! We don't want you to catch anything that a medical person inadvertantly passed to you.
Hope to see you soon!

Theresa the Sunscreen Queen

Becky B said...

Avocados would be great, but I know you can't eat any fresh fruits or veggies... so how about some homemade applesauce? I'm going home this weekend and could get my mom to make a great big batch! Just let me know, I'm going down there Thursday, and coming back Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Oh, shoot! Fresh veggies and fruits. Dang it! This is like one of those puzzles where you have to get a duck, a coyote and a rabbi across the river in a canoe.

So, how do you get Angela fat, without feeding her raw plants, but still keeping nutritious? Ow, my brain hurts. Maybe it's something to do with walnuts.

Good call on the applesauce, Becky B.