Sunday, August 12, 2007

Last Shot!

I'm looking forward to receiving my last G-shot tonight. I'll get my blood tested tomorrow to know if I'm really done, but I usually don't get shots past Sunday and my white count was really high on Friday when I left the hospital. I have a ton of medicine that I don't know what to do with that I don't think I'll need anymore so I need to ask if I do need it and how to dispose of it if I don't.

Thursday is the day I get tested to find out if Priscilla is gone for good. I should know the results around 2pm when I meet with my team for clinic day and I'll post the news when I get home. I am trying to gear myself up for either bad or good news so I'm not devastated if it's not great news and trying to be hopeful that it is good news. It will be good news to a degree because Priscilla had shrunk by nearly half on my last CT scan and I had at least two more chemo cycles after that. I am confident that she has shrunk even more, but am not sure if she hit the road or there's just one centimeter left to fight.

Mike is taking me on a much-needed vacation on Saturday to celebrate the end of my treatment and hospitalizations and to give me a chance to be somewhere other than here where I can relax for a week. We're going to Okacroke, NC for the weekend and then Hatteras for the rest of that week. Okacroke is supposed to be a really slow-paced island where people drive electric golf carts and sit out on their front porches. This is pretty much all I have the energy for right now. I tell you, I am weak today and am having a hard time mustering up the energy to walk. I'm really looking forward to spending some time alone with Mike and sitting on a hammock chair watching the world go by. It will also be nice to be away somewhere and not really have to think about cancer for a few days. I promise to have a good time, even if my news is not 100% good on Thursday.

I received an email from my volleyball league today asking if I'm playing this fall and I had to tell them no. I definitely don't have the energy for volleyball. I'm hoping my doctors will clear me to take water aerobics this fall because that's good low impact cardio. I think they will because I brought it up last week when I was in the hospital and they didn't see a reason not to, but they wanted me to ask my full team on clinic day. I know I can't rock climb for a while for several reasons and one of them is simply because my fingers and toes are numb and my fingernails look like they could fall off at any minute. This is another side effect I found out about as I went through treatment. I hope to regain the feeling in my fingers and toes in about a month.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Biker Babe. It will all come back to you. I'm praying that priscilla is history and your trip will be a celebration.

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you knock it out of the park on Thursday! That way you can show Barry Bonds what a REAL home run lap looks like.

Julie B.

Anonymous said...

Am rooting for you --hope the news is good on Thursday! Vacation sounds like a fantastic idea--a change of scene will do you good.


Ron said...

Ding dong Priscilla is gone...start the song and we can sing it when it's gone Thursday!

Happy to hear that just YOU TWO are taking a vacation together!!!